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Your anagrams are showing, Doctor.

"Sometimes the only sane answer to an insane world is insanity."

[name] Shannon aka Spikey, Canon, Shotgun
[age] sixteen
[hero] hannibal lector
[aim] zmayoNAISEz
[msn] shannonpjohnson@me.com
[email] shannonpjohnson@me.com
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Here some things you should know before you get to know me:

  • My mind is so deep in the gutter that it physically hurts me.
  • I like cannibals, a lot.
  • I have a hyperactive imagination.
  • I am spontaneous and random.
  • I will come up with philosophies that make you go, "wtf?"
  • I swear like a sailor.
  • Politics confuse me.
  • My favorite number is five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred 24601.
  • I burst out in song randomly.
  • I draw very odd pictures.
  • I take a lot of random pictures.
  • I speak random French at times tres beaucoup.
  • I can be very scary. >=D

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005
amelia atwater-rhodes, american dad, angel, anime, arisa uotani, ayame sohma, baseball, benny, black, bleach, blue, blue and yellow, boys over flowers, candy, canti, cats, chatting, clarice, cloud, colette, corny, corpse bride, cows, crossfade, crystal chronicles, d.n.angel, demon in my view, drawing, evanescence, family guy, fantasy, ff:cc, ffvii, ffx, final fanstasy: crystal chronicles, final fantasy 7, final fantasy advent children, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, flcl, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, gackt, genis sage, green day, hammered, hanakimi, hannibal, harry potter, haruko, hatori sohma, hatsuharu sohma, hawksong, headstrong, holly black, ichigo, ironside, joanne, kagura sohma, kaye, kingdom hearts, kisa sohma, kratos aurion, kyo sohma, kyo-kun, kyon-kyon, legend of zelda, limp bizkit, linkin park, lloyd irving, mabudachi trio, mamimi, manga, mark, maureen, metroid, mimi, momiji sohma, monkeys, my chemical romance, naota, neopets, poetry, presea, raine sage, reading, red, red dragon, regal bryant, rent, rock, roger davis, roiben, role playing, sailor moon, saki hanajima, serenity, sheena, shigure sohma, shiny objects, short hair, silence of the lambs, simple plan, simpsons, snakecharm, south park, spirits, spongebob, star wars, stories, strawberries, taking back sunday, tales of symphonia, the nightmare before christmas, the pillows, the used, the wheel of time, tidus, tim burton, tithe, tohru honda, trapt, trigun, val, valient, valrie, white rabbit, witch hunter robin, wonderful lyrics, writing, x files, yellowcard, yoko kannon, yuki sohma, yuki-kun, yuna, zelos wilder